Sergeant Fideltin Rusk

Rusk is a companion for the Jedi Knight. He is Chagrian trooper, met on Hoth around level 40. He fills the role of ranged DPS. He can be used in a Sniper Mode for more accurate fire, or in Assault Mode for better area-of-effect damage. Rusk joins the Knight crew upon leaving Hoth, without the usual "guest" stint.

From the in-game Codex:

Raised by a colony of pacifist Chagrians, Rusk rebelled against his family's beliefs and enlisted with the Republic military as soon as he could. At first, he proved to be a brilliant soldier and was identified as a rising star in the Republic's ranks. Somewhere along the way, however, his bravery crossed the line into recklessness.

Although he still accomplished his missions, casualty rates among his squad rose astronomically. Rusk quickly became a pariah among other soldiers, including his superiors. His aggressive pursuit of victory over the Empire at any cost has earned him many medals from politicians, but no promotions from his commanders.

Likes: Killing Imperials, protecting the Republic, motivating others to fight
Dislikes: Avoiding fights, weakness, disrespecting authority

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Cannon
Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)

Crew Skills Bonus: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +10 Scavenging Efficiency

Gift Preferences: weapons, military gear, Republic memorabilia

All the data listed here may be incomplete or subject to change at any time. Damage numbers in particular should not be relied upon, as they are dependent upon level, gear and other factors. If you see something that is missing or incorrect, feel free to correct me.

Sergeant Rusk's Abilities

Icon Ability Type Cooldown Range Level Description
Armor Proficiencies Passive - - 1 Rusk has the ability to equip light, medium, or heavy armor, and may also equip a Power Generator.
Weapon Proficiencies Passive - - 1 Rusk has the ability to equip a Blaster Rifle or Assault Cannon.
Attack Instant 1.5 sec 50m 1 Commands the companion character to attack your target.
Passive Instant 1.5 sec - 1 Commands your companion to stop fighting and follow you.
Sell Items Activation: 5 sec 0 - 1 Sends your companion away to sell all low-quality items in your inventory to a vendor.
Aimed Blast Activation: 3 sec 12 sec 30m 11 Shoots the target for [312] kinetic damage.
Assault Mode Instant 1.5 sec - 23 Increases the damage of your companionís area damage abilities by 10%, and decreases the cooldown of area damage abilities by 25%. Diables the use of activation time abilities.
Overdrive Beam Instant 15 sec 30m 27 Charges up a focused beam of energy doing [X] energy damage over 3 seconds.
Burst Activation: 1.5 sec 6 sec 30m 1 Shoot a target for [X] weapon damage.
Combat Acumen Instant 2 mind - 35 Increases crit chance by 15% for 15 seconds. Shares a cooldown with Shield Boost.
Quickshot Instant 6 sec 30m 1 Blasts a target for [142-156] kinetic damage.
Shield Boost Instant 2 mind - 13 Increases ranged and melee defenses for 50% for 15 seconds. Shares a cooldown with Combat Acumen.
Sniper Mode Instant 1.5 sec - 9 Increases the damage of your companionís activation time abilities by 10%, and decreases the activation time of Aimed Blast by 0.5 seconds. Disables the used of area of effect attacks.
Spread Fire Channeled 15 sec 30m 17 Sprays a wave of bolts in a cone in front of you, inflicting [X] weapon damage over 4.5 seconds.
Thermal Bomb Instant 9 sec 30m 1 Throws a thermal grenade that deals [63-76] kinetic damage to up to 3 targets within 8 meters.