Qyzen Fess

Qyzen is a Trandoshan hunter, and the Jedi Consular's first available companion. He can fill the role of tank or melee DPS.

From the Holonet on the official site:

Famed as a peerless hunter and tracker, Qyzen’s search for the galaxy’s deadliest beasts has taken him from the swamps of Belkadan to Tatooine’s endless deserts, bartering trophies for ship passage—anything to reach the next hunting ground. Qyzen has no interest in possessions, needing only his weapons and his tally of jagganath points; a score every Trandoshan must earn through honorable kills to appease their goddess, the Scorekeeper. While most Trandoshans become guns-for-hire to earn their jagganath points, Qyzen chose a traditional path, hunting everything from sand demons to rancor beasts, and refusing to kill anything unworthy of his considerable skills. In his travels he has crossed paths with many other wanderers—criminals, Mandalorians, even Jedi Masters—making him slow to trust any stranger, but once he makes a friend Qyzen will defend them with his life.

From the in-game Codex:

In contrast to many Trandoshans, Qyzen Fess rejected the path of a mercenary to become a hunter of the galaxy's most dangerous beasts. Earning "Jagannath points" with every honorable kill, Qyzen has traveled for years, seeking worthy prey and honoring his goddess, the Scorekeeper. Although his travels have brought him to Tython several times, he is never seen by the Jedi if Yuon Par is not at the temple.

Despite his disdain of fame and fortune, Qyzen has attracted some notoriety. He often slips through apparently watertight Imperial borders to follow his prey, much to the consternation of the Empire's officials. Qyzen is also the only living hunter to have killed a greater crested gundark, thought extinct for centuries. His simple habits and devotion to the Scorekeeper give him common ground with the Jedi, though many disapprove of the attitudes and instincts that come naturally to a Trandoshan.

Likes: Killing powerful enemies, encouraging others to defend themselves, danger, honor
Dislikes: Killing the weak, mercenary work, sparing powerful enemies

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Vibrosword
Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

All the data listed here may be incomplete or subject to change at any time. Damage numbers in particular should not be relied upon, as they are dependent upon level, gear and other factors. If you see something that is missing or incorrect, feel free to correct me.

Qyzen Fess' Abilities

Icon Ability Type Cooldown Range Level Description
Armor Proficiencies Passive - - 1 Qyzen has the ability to equip light, medium, or heavy armor, and may equip a Power Generator or Shield Generator in the off-hand.
Weapon Proficiencies Passive - - 1 Qyzen has the ability to equip techblades and other one-handed melee weapons tied to the Aim attribute.
Attack Instant 1.5 sec 50m 1 Commands the companion character to attack your target.
Passive Instant 1.5 sec - 1 Commands your companion to stop fighting and follow you.
Sell Items Activation: 5 sec 0 - 1 Sends your companion away to sell all low-quality items in your inventory to a vendor.
Taunt Instant 9 sec 30m 1 Taunts the target, forcing it to attack the companion for 6 seconds.
Flush Prey Instant 15 sec 15m 9 Qyzen leaps at his target, dealing [X] weapon damage and immobilizing the target for 2 seconds.
Trandoshan Regeneration Instant 1.5 sec - 1 Enters a guard stance, increasing threat generation by 100% and shield chance by 20%. Additionally, Qyzen's health regeneration while not in combat is boosted by 10%.
Combat Stance Instant 1.5 sec - 11 Enters an offensive stance, increasing all damage dealt by 5% and lowering threat generation by 25%. Additionally lowers the cooldown of all attacks by 25%.
Power Attack Instant 9 sec 4m 1 A powerful attack that deals [X] weapon damage.
Hunter's Surge Instant 12 sec 4m 13 Qyzen activates an explosive pulse device, striking up to 5 nearby targets for [X] elemental damage.
EMP Blast Instant 15 sec 4m 23 Discharges an EMP blast that deals [X] energy damage to up to 5 targets in an 8-meter radius and weakens them, reducing the damage they deal by 5% for 6 seconds. This ability generates a very high amount of threat.
Flaregun Instant 1 min 15m 29 Draws in the attention of all enemies within 15 meters, forcing them to attack the companion for 6 seconds.
Guardian Strike Instant 12 sec 4m 17 A powerful attack that deals [X] weapon damage and increases the companion's armor rating by 20% for 15 seconds. This ability generates a high amount of threat.
Deploy Shields Instant 2 min - 35 Reduces all damage taken by 25% for 12 seconds.