Class Abilities Overview

General Purpose Abilities

The following are abilities that every class (both Republic and Empire) can use.

Icon Ability Type Cost Cooldown Range Level Description
Emergency Fleet Pass Activation: 6 sec 0 18 hr - 10 Request emergency transportation to the Fleet - a location where vendors and trainers of all kind can be found.
Guide Signal Instant 0 0 - - Signals your party to pick you up and transport you to their location. Only works while at least one party member is within proximity of another party member's deployed Transport Beacon. [This ability does not appear to be available in release right now.]
Holoconference Activation: 0.5 sec 0 0.5 sec - 1 Establish a holoconference with your groupmates. Can only be used when one of your groupmate has initiated a conversation you are eligible to join. Does not work in phases.
Quick Travel Activation:
10 sec
0 30 min - 1 Allows the player to travel to any previously unlocked bindpoint on the current planet. 
Revive Activation: 6 sec 0 15 min 10m 1 Revive an incapacitated friendly player or companion. [Must be out of combat.]
Speeder Piloting Passive - - - 25 Ability to ride speeder bikes. [There are two additional skill ranks, at levels 40 and 50, that increase speed by about 10% each.]
Sprint Instant 0 1.5 sec - 14 Increases your movement speed and that of your companion by 35%. Cannot be used in combat.
Summon Companion Activation: 1.5 sec 0 0 - 1 [Summons companion.]
Transport Beacon Instant 0 0 - - Deploys a transport beacon that nearby allies can use to Guide in distant group members. [This ability does not appear to be available in release right now.]

Republic vs. Empire Abilities Mirror List

This site has ability lists for each of the four Republic classes: Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler and Trooper. The four Empire classes (Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter) are almost exact mirrors of their Republic counterparts, and have the same abilities, though with different names and visual effects. The most notable differences are that the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent use different weapon types than the Trooper and Smuggler; the Bounty Hunter uses pistols instead of rifles, and the Imperial Agent gets a rifle and vibroknife instead of a pistol, and upgrades to a sniper rifle instead of a scattergun or second pistol.

Below is a list of how the Republic and Empire versions of the class abilities map to each other:

Jedi Knight Sith Warrior
Awe Intimidating Roar
Blade Storm Force Scream
Call on the Force Call on the Force
Cyclone Slash Sweeping Slash
Dispatch Vicious Throw
Force Exhaustion Force Crush
Force Kick Disruption
Force Leap Force Charge
Force Might Unnatural Might
Force Stasis Force Stasis
Force Sweep Smash
Introspection Channel Hatred
Master Strike Ravage
Opportune Strike Savage Kick
Pommel Strike Pommel Strike
Resolute Unleash
Riposte Retaliation
Saber Ward Saber Ward
Shii-Cho Form Shii-Cho Form
Slash Vicious Slash
Strike Assault
Zealous Leap Obliterate
Jedi Guardian Sith Juggernaut
Blade Turning Blade Turning
Challenging Call Threatening Scream
Combat Focus Enrage
Enure Endure Pain
Force Push Force Push
Freezing Force Chilling Scream
Guard Guard
Guardian Leap Intercede
Guardian Slash Crushing Blow
Hilt Strike Backhand
Overhead Slash Impale
Plasma Brand Shatter
Saber Throw Saber Throw
Shien Form Shien Form
Soresu Form Soresu Form
Sundering Strike Sundering Assault
Taunt Taunt
Warding Call Invincible
Jedi Sentinel Sith Marauder
Ataru Form Ataru Form
Blade Rush Massacre
Cauterize Rupture
Crippling Throw Deadly Throw
Disable Droid Disable Droid
Dual Wield Dual Wield
Force Camouflage Force Camouflage
Guarded by the Force Undying Rage
Inspiration Bloodthirst
Juyo Form Juyo Form
Leg Slash Crippling Slash
Merciless Slash Annihilate
Overload Saber Deadly Saber
Pacify Obfuscate
Precision Slash Gore
Rebuke Cloak of Pain
Transcendence Predation
Valorous Call Frenzy
Zealous Strike Battering Assault
Zen Berserk
Jedi Consular Sith Inquisitor
Channel the Force Channel the Force
Double Strike Thrash
Force Lift Whirlwind
Force in Balance Death Field
Force of Will Unbreakable Will
Force Potency Recklessness
Force Slow Force Slow
Force Speed Force Speed
Force Stun Electrocute
Force Valor Mark of Power
Force Wave Overload
Meditation Seethe
Mind Crush Crushing Darkness
Mind Snap Jolt
Project Shock
Saber Strike Saber Strike
Sever Force Creeping Terror
Telekinetic Throw Force Lightning
Tumult Tumult
Unity Sacrifice
Jedi Sage Sith Sorcerer
Battle Readiness Overcharge Saber
Blackout Blackout
Benevolence Dark Heal
Cloud Mind Coud Mind
Deliverance Dark Infusion
Disturbance Lightning Strike
Force Armor Static Barrier
Force Reach Transmission
Force Studies Force Attunement
Forcequake Force Storm
Healing Trance Innervate
Jedi Healer Sith Lifebinder
Mental Alacrity Polarity Shift
Noble Sacrifice Consumption
Rejuvenate Resurgence
Rescue Extrication
Restoration Pruge
Revival Reanimation
Salvation Revivification
Telekinetic Wave Chain Lightning
Turbulence Thundering Blast
Weaken Mind Affliction
Jedi Shadow Sith Assassin
Clairvoyant Strike Voltaic Slash
Combat Technique Dark Charge
Deflection Deflection
Force Breach Discharge
Force Cloak Force Cloak
Force Pull Force Pull
Force Technique Lightning Charge
Guard Guard
Kinetic Ward Dark Ward
Low Slash Low Slash
Mass Mind Control Mass Mind Control
Mind Control Mind Control
Mind Maze Mind Trap
Resilience Force Shroud
Shadow Strike Maul
Shadow's Training Assassin's Training
Shadow Technique Surging Charge
Slow Time Wither
Spinning Kick Spike
Spinning Strike Assassinate
Stealth Stealth
Whirling Blow Lacerate
Trooper Bounty Hunter
Adrenaline Rush Kolto Overload
Assault Plastique Thermal Detonator
Blitz Shoulder Slam
Cryo Grenade Electro Dart
Explosive Round Missile Blast
Full Auto Unload
Fortification Hunter's Boon
Hammer Shot Rapid Shots
High Impact Bolt Rail Shot
Incendiary Round Incendiary Missile
Mortar Volley Death From Above
No Retreat On the Trail
Plasma Cell Combustible Gas Cylinder
Pulse Cannon Flamethrower
Reactive Shield Energy Shield
Recharge and Reload Recharge and Reload
Recharge Cells Vent Heat
Reserve Powercell Thermal Sensor Override
Stealth Scan Stealth Scan
Sticky Grenade Explosive Dart
Stockstrike Rocket Punch
Tenacity Determination
Vanguard Powertech
Battle Focus Explosive Fuel
Energy Blast Immolate
Explosive Surge Flame Sweep
Fire Pulse Heat Blast
Guard Guard
Gut Retractable Blade
Harpoon Grapple
High Energy Cell High Energy Gas Cylinder
Hold the Line Hydraulic Overrides
Ion Cell Ion Gas Cylinder
Ion Pulse Flame Burst
Neural Jolt Neural Dart
Neural Surge Carbonize
Riot Strike Quell
Sonic Round Sonic Missile
Smoke Grenade Oil Slick
Storm Jet Charge
Commando Mercenary
Advanced Medical Probe Healing Scan
Armor-piercing Cell High Velocity Gas Cylinder
Bacta Infusion Emergency Scan
Charged Bolts  
Combat Support Cell Combat Support Cylinder
Concussion Charge Jet Boost
Concussive Round Concussion Missile
Demolition Round Heatseeker Missile
Diversion Chaff Flare
Dual Wield Assault Cannon
Field Aid Cure
Frontline Physician Hired Protection
Grav Round Tracer Missile
Hail of Bolts Sweeping Blasters
Kolto Bomb Kolto Missile
Medical Probe Rapid Scan
Plasma Grenade Fusion Missile
Supercharge Cells Supercharged Gas
Tech Override Power Surge
Trauma Probe Kolto Shell
Smuggler Imperial Agent
All In Advanced Recon
Blaster Pistol Blaster Rifle
Blaster Whip Shiv
Charged Burst Snipe
Cheap Shot Eviscerate
Cool Head Adrenaline Probe
Crouch Crouch
Defense Screen Shield Probe
Dirty Kick Debilitate
Distraction Distraction
Dodge Evasion
Escape Escape
Headshot Headshot
Hemorrhaging Blast Weakening Blast
Flash Grenade Flashbang
Flurry of Bolts Rifle Shot
Lucky Shots Coordination
Quick Shot Overload Shot
Recuperate Recuperate
Sabotage Charge Explosive Probe
Slice Droid Slice Droid
Shrap Bomb Corrosive Grenade
Surrender Countermeasures
Take Cover Take Cover
Thermal Grenade Fragmentation Grenade
Vital Shot Corrosive Dart
Wounding Shots Cull
XS Freighter Flyby Orbital Strike
Gunslinger Sniper
Aimed Shot Ambush
Crack Shot Advanced Targeting
Diversion Diversion
Dual Wield Sniper Rifle
Flourish Shot Scatter Shot
Hold Position Hold Position
Hunker Down Entrench
Illegal Mods Target Acquired
Incendiary Grenade Plasma Probe
Leg Shot Leg Shot
Pulse Detonator Cover Pulse
Quickdraw Takedown
Rapid Fire Rapid Fire
Sabotage EMP Discharge
Scrambling Field Ballistic Shield
Shock Charge Interrogation Probe
Smuggler's Luck Laze Target
Speed Shot Series of Shots
Sweeping Gunfire Suppressive Fire
Trickshot Followthrough
Scoundrel Operative
Back Blast Backstab
Blaster Volley Carbine Burst
Blasters Blazing Skirmisher
Defibrillator Medical Doctor
Diagnostic Scan Diagnostic Scan
Disappearing Act Cloaking Screen
Emergency Medpac Surgical Probe
Flechette Round Acid Blade
Flying Fists Collateral Strike
Heartrigger patch Resuscitation Probe
Kolto Cloud Recuperative Nanotech
Kolto Pack Kolto Infusion
Lucky Dodge Avoidance Training
Pugnacity Stim Boost
Shoot First Hidden Strike
Slow-release Medpac Kolto Probe
Smuggle Inflitrate
Sneak Sneak
Stealth Stealth
Sucker Punch Laceration
Tendon Blast Sever Tendon
Tranquilizer Sleep Dart
Triage Toxin Scan
Underworld Medicine Kolto Injection
Upper Hand Tactical Advantage