Doc is a pistol-toting healer companion for the Jedi Knight. Arrogant and self-important, Doc is working for the anti-Imperial resistance on Balmorra. He joins the Knight as a guest toward the end of the quests on Balmorra (around level 35-36), and becomes a permanent companion on leaving that planet. Doc is available for female Jedi to romance, if macho moustaches are your thing.

"You may experience some discomfort!"

From the in-game Codex:

The brilliant medtech known simply as "Doc" is driven to bring quality health care to underserved star systems. This has led Doc to keep some unusual company: pathosis-riddled crime lord Fashaka Four-Toes, the Red Band Rebels of Cadinth and even the Imperial military during a brief stint impersonating a member of the Imperial Medical Corps on the conquered planet Sullust.

Doc has a talent for using bad people to save good lives--a fact he emphasizes to anyone within earshot. Some characterize Doc as a blowhard and scoundrel, but these individuals have never required his impressive surgical skills. Doc has visited every major galactic battleground over the past five years and saved more lives than even he can count.

Likes: Looking like a hero, romance and flirtation, helping those in need
Dislikes: Looking bad, hurting the innocent, refusing to help

Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Scattergun

Crew Skills Bonus: +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Biochem Critical

Gift Preferences: jewelry

All the data listed here may be incomplete or subject to change at any time. Damage numbers in particular should not be relied upon, as they are dependent upon level, gear and other factors. If you see something that is missing or incorrect, feel free to correct me.

Doc's Abilities

Icon Ability Type Cooldown Range Level Description
Armor Proficiencies Passive - - 1 Doc has the ability to equip light or medium armor.
Weapon Proficiencies Passive - - 1 Doc has the ability to equip a Blaster Pistol or Scatter Gun.
Attack Instant 1.5 sec 50m 1 Commands the companion character to attack your target.
Passive Instant 1.5 sec - 1 Commands your companion to stop fighting and follow you.
Sell Items Activation: 5 sec 0 - 1 Sends your companion away to sell all low-quality items in your inventory to a vendor.
Blaster Stance Instant 1.5 sec - 1 Enters an offensive stance, increasing all damage dealt by 5% and lowering threat generation by 25%. Additionally lowers the cooldown of all attacks by 25%.
Carbonized Stream Channeled - 30m 29 Traps the target in carbonite for up to 8 seconds. Damage to the target causes this effect to end prematurely. Targets may only be affected by Carbonized Stream once every 30 seconds.
Charged Shot Instant 6 sec 30m 1 Fires a powerful shot at the target, deals moderate damage.
Cleanse Instant 15 sec 30m 13 Cleanses a friendly target of up to 2 negative tech or physical effects.
Republic Medical Probe Instant 12 sec 30m 9 Doc uses advanced Republic technology to heal the target for moderate health every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.
Kolto Jolt Instant 15 sec 30m 23 Instantly heals a wounded target for a high amount. This effect can only occur on the same target once every 30 seconds.
Med Scan Activation: 2 sec 6 sec 30m 1 Heals a friendly target for a moderate amount.
Med Watch Instant 1.5 sec - 1 Enters a healing stance, increasing all healing done by 5% and lowering healing threat generation by 25%. Additionally lowers the cooldown of all healing abilities by 25%.
Medical Pack Instant 15 sec 30m 35 Lobs a medical pack at the target that releases kolto gas upon impact, healing up to 3 allies within 8 meters for a moderate amount.
Wounding Blast Instant 12 sec 30m 11 Fires a very powerful shot at the target, causing the target to bleed for moderate damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.