The Jedi Archivist is a site tracking information on the Jedi classes of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Jedi Knight
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Jedi Consular
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Abilities List
Companions Overview
(Jedi Knight)
Kira Carsen
Fideltin Rusk
Lord Scourge
(Jedi Consular)
Qyzen Fess
Felix Iresso
Tharan Cedrax
Nadia Grell


Aric Jorgan
Tanno Vik
Elara Dorne


Corso Riggs
Akavi Spaar
Guss Tuno



Corellian Light Corvette



Jedi Crafting

Note that because the game is an MMO, all data is always subject to change.

Recent Updates

22 February 2012: I haven't updated the site recently because I'm not currently playing the game -- the bugs and unfixed problems were a bit too much for me to deal with. I hope to rejoin the game when it's in a more playable state, but for now I'll have to put the site in stasis.

19 December 2011: Updated a few items to reflected the released state of the game, but there was a lot of change in the last few builds before release, especially related to item modifications and the crafting system, so it will be a little while before it's clear how these systems work now.

13 December 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic is technically live, though only a handful of people who pre-ordered in July are currently playing it. I probably won't get in until just before the official launch on Dec. 20, so there probably won't be much new information before then.

6 December 2011: Added a list of all the companions (including Republic and Empire classes), and included their Crew Skill bonuses, as far as we currently know them.

5 December 2011: Added a list to show how the Republic class abilities map to their Empire counterparts.

29 November 2011: I spent the weekend playing in the 11/25 "open" beta, and so have updated most of the pages with new and corrected information.

23 November 2011: Added a profile for HK-51. His abilities appear to be nearly identical to T7-01's... but I'll bet he talks sassier.

22 November 2011: Added abilities lists for the Trooper and Smuggler classes.

21 November 2011: Updated all of the Jedi companion abilities, including those for the Consular companions (which are, disappointingly, nearly identical to their Jedi Knight counterparts). Also noticed that torhead (from the makers of WoWhead) also has a database up, that's currently more complete than dhdb.

18 November 2011: Bioware has lifted the Non-Disclosure Agreement for game testers, so over the next few days you can expect to see a lot of game details appearing on the mainstream fansites. Darth Hater already has a partial database of some items, abilities and schematics.

17 November 2011: Made a few modifications to the Knight and Consular abilities in accordance with today's patch notes (0.742.07).

16 November 2011: Added some additional images to the Corvette page.

11 November 2011: Added missing icons to the Knight abilities page.

9 November 2011: Added nine new images to the Corvette page.

6 November 2011: Both the Knight and Consular skill lists should now be pretty much complete and up to date with the current build (minus a few missing icons and a few of the shared non-combat abilities).

5 November 2011: Updated the Guardian and Sentinel abilities with current data from the 10/27 patch 0.700.12. Added a preliminary list of Consular abilities, and a brief outline on lightsabers.

4 November 2011: Added the Corvette page.